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Puggles tend to be between 15–40 pounds and stand 15–20 inches at the shoulders. Puggles are classified as a lap dog because of their relatively small size and demeanour. While colors vary, the vast majority are fawn colored. There are also completely black as well as multicolored (like mixes of black and brown) puggles. There are advantages for the mix breed. For instance, while pugs tend to have pushed in faces, puggles do not. This reduces the risk of the respiratory problems that are associated with pugs. As puggles inherit differing and unpredictable ratios of traits the beagle and the pug, their appearances may vary. Puggles have a tail the length of a beagle, but it tends to be curled like that of a pug. They also often display an underbite, a trait they inherit from their Pug parent.


Contrary to popular belief, the Puggle is not necessarily healthier than its parent breeds. Both Beagles and Pugs can suffer from cherry eye, epilepsy, skin infections, luxating patellas, back ailments, and other genetic disorders that can be passed onto their puppies. Puggles also occasionally inherit hip dysplasia from one of the parents. While these disorders can be avoided through careful selection of parents, they are common enough to warrant concern. In addition, Puggles can suffer from the respiratory ailments commonly found in Pugs, which might be problematic when combined with the Beagle's higher levels of energy. Some Puggles have demonstrated problems with harsh weather, and, as with all other hybrid dogs, there is little predictability as to which parental genetic traits will be prevalent in offspring.


Puggles are relatively low-maintenance dogs. Puggles need occasional baths, nail clippings, tooth brushings, and ear cleanings. Puggles are not hypoallergenic, as neither a Beagle nor a Pug are hypoallergenic. Puggles shed, so to help prevent excessive fur cleanup, it is recommended to occasionally brush a Puggle with a fur-removing brush. Puggles actually require a great deal of fur cleanup in the winter if they are kept inside because of the cold. The nails of Puggles grow particularly long if an owner does not walk them often.


Puggles have an affectionate nature and are typically well suited to families with children. Puggles have a tendency to wander off if they catch interesting scents. Puggles tend to exhibit higher degrees of independence and can be difficult to train at times, but are generally dogs who are eager to please.


The AKC, the UKC, the NKC, The CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) and Continental Kennel Clubs do not recognize puggles as a breed. The ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club), UABR (United All Breed Registry), APRI (American Pet Registry Inc.), ICA (International Canine Association) and CKC (Continental Kennel Club) recognized the Puggle as a purebred. Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America offers a registry for sterile puggles. Some canine clubs offer these events to mixed breed dogs.


PuggleBaby.com is the official website for our puggle breeding program. We are located in Southwest Michigan, close to Grand Rapids, MI, and Kalamazoo, MI, and about two hours from both Detroit, MI, and Chicago, IL.  We very ofte cater to people looking for a puggle breeder in NY, or puggle puppies for sale in NY.

If you choose to buy a puggle puppy online through PuggleBaby.com, we will contact you quickly. As your puggle puppy locator in Michigan, we are committed to making your puggle puppy buying experience a truly rewarding one.

Our puppies (both boxers and puggles)have found great homes in many states other than Michigan such as: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Massachusets, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah, Texas, Washington, Washington DC, and even one in Puerto Rico!. Some of our boxer puppies have even found new homes in Winnipeg, Ontario, and Calgary, Canada.  For people looking for a puggle breeer in New York, our puggle puppies for sale in New York will be shipped in the hands of our VIP shipper.

We have been a reputable puggle breeder in Michigan for several years, and have been a boxer breeder for over ten years. We exclusively raise home raised puggle puppies, meaning that we keep all of the puppies in our kitchen, letting them out eight or more times per day in order to 'pre crate-train' your puppy for you. A couple of benefits that result from this very laborious and time-consuming practice are puggle puppies that understand the idea of 'going potty' outside, and not where they eat/sleep, and a puggle puppy that is very well socialized.

Puggle breeders with thirty or more dogs absolutely cannot do this. A puggle puppy coming from larger breeders most certainly will be raised in a small cage with automatic feeders/water supply, and possibly automatic cleaning. Therefore, this puppy is interacted with only every few days, if not only once a week, and that is only to clean the cage. These puppies are difficult, if not impossible to house train, because they go potty right where they eat and sleep. In addition, they will be extremely untrustworthy of people, and take much longer to socialize than a home-raised puppy.

Good luck in finding your new puggle family member. Please feel free to read further in our site, we have taken a lot of time to educate buyers about pocket puggles, shipping a puppy, puppy pricing, microchipping, and much more.

Puggle Puppy checklist
There are a lot of new puggle mommies and daddies out there that are unsure of
exactly what they need to bring home their new puppy. So, I have made
this list to try to help. The following suggestions are based on my opinions
based on my experience in the dog world.
• Crate. The style is your choice. I personally think they feel more
secure in the hard-shell plastic type. If you do get the wire kind,
maybe cover it with a blanket on 3 sides so that the puppy doesn’t feel
so exposed.
• Food bowl
• Water bowl
• Pro Plan chicken and Rice puppy food
• Whole fat yogurt (human variety)
• Collar and leash, but size will vary. It is completely personal choice
as to the style or material. Nylon or leather is fine. Collars or
harnesses are all fine. I wouldn’t really recommend a choke style
collar for training puppies.
Everything else is OPTIONAL.
If you don’t have a fenced yard outside exercise pens are very helpful.
Most puppies like anything you give them. Anything you don’t pick up
from the floor will become their toy soon enough!
--Squeaky rubber
--Squeaky stuffed
--KONGS are great. . . very difficult to destroy.
--Nylabone’s are good for teething.
Again, it is completely up to you. How many, what type.
RAW HIDES, they are all dangerous, particularly to snub nosed dogs.
There have been many dogs that have choked to death on Rawhides
expanding in their throat, or getting stuck in the intestines.
GREENIES: Dogs have died from swallowing portions of greenies that get
stuck in their stomach. Stomach surgery is required to get it out, and many
dogs die during or shortly after surgery.
HARTZ PIG BONES: These are roasted femur or other pig bones. They
sell these things all over. Even though they know that dogs chew them off
until they are sharp shards that have killed many dogs by perforating their
--Any type of “biscuit” style treat
--Packaged Beggin’ Strips, bacon treats, steak shaped treats
A personal choice is people food (in moderation). My dogs favorite treats
are hot dogs and American Cheese. Keep in mind, these are not the only
treats we use, but are around for “special treats” to really reinforce good
We also supplement with Yogurt which is important to balance out
a puppy’s diet. We also give our adult dogs raw meat, raw eggs and
sometimes a touch of corn oil to shine up their coats.
Some people recommend fish oil capsules, which are supposed to help dogs
retain their hair and decrease the amount of shedding.
There are a variety of doggy toothbrushes and commercial dog toothpaste.
People also use Baking Soda as a toothpaste.
Brushing your dogs teeth even a few times a week will help prevent
gingivitis and tooth loss. It will save you a lot in vet bills later on. Start
early to get them use to it.
If you aren’t into brushing there are spray products out there that help with
oral hygene.
We use Petzlife Oral Care Spray. It works well for us.
“Positively Obedient”, by Barbara Handler.
“SuperPuppy”, by Peter J. Vollmer.
“What All Good Dogs Should Know”, by Jack Volhard & Melissa Bartlett.
“How To Raise A Puppy You Can Live With”, by C. Rutherford & D. Neil.
"Reinforcement Training for Dogs", Fisher
" Don't Shoot The Dog", Pryor
"Dog's Mind", Fogle
• "Culture Clash", Donaldson
Cesar Milan's "Raising the Perfect Puppy" DVD also
comes highly recommended.
Crate training/Potty training Books:
• “How to Housebreak your dog in 7 days”, by Shirlee Kalstone
“Puppy Raising and Training Diary for Dummies”, by Sarah
• “Everything you need to know about House Training Puppies and
Adult Dogs”, by Lori Verne.
• “Quick and Easy Crate Training”, by Teoti Anderson
While these things are all nice, what your puppy needs
most is you, and your time. The more time you spend
training and socializing your puppy, the likelier you are to
have a well behaved adult dog.
Brad’s training catch-phrases:
• “If it’s on the floor, it’s a dog toy”. Self explanatory.
• “If you want a dog that never jumps on visitors, only
pet your puppy when it has 4 paws on the floor”.
People that come out always comment on how well
behaved our adults are. They never jump on people.
It all starts right now. Never pet your puppy when it’s
on its hind legs reaching up to you. . . unless you want
to reinforce that behavior and make it irreversible.
• “I’ve never seen a momma dog give her puppy a treat
for being good.” It is okay to tell your dog “no”,
loudly and sternly if necessary. All puppies bite until
they are taught not to. You have to let them know
that biting people is 100% not acceptable.
• “Your children will undo the training you do do.”
Consistency is the key to training, and everybody –
EVERYBODY needs to be on the same page as far as

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