About us

Here is a little information about our family and dogs.

My name is Brad and my wife is Jeanine. We have two children: a 25 year old daughter (with our first Grandbaby on the way), and a 16 year old son. We lived most of our lives in southwestern Michigan, but now live about an hour south of Louisville, KY on a 15 acre mini farm, with a large area fenced in for the dogs to run around in.  In addition to the horses, we have some goats, chickens, pigs and of course a few barn cats.  Our pups get to experience a little of everything.

Jeanine began breeding Boxers around 1997, and that is still our primary breed we raise today. Since that time we have owned several different breeds.  We had raised purebred Pugs for nearly 5 years without a lot of sucess. They are a very difficult breed to raise, and in 5 years we have only been able to raise a total of 12 puppies. Due to birthing issues, and the fact that they are very bad mothers, often laying on their babies as they slept and killing them.

Though we love the look and temperament Pugs, their health issues are also very frustrating. Breathing problems, eye problems, hip, patella, and allergy problems all PLAGUE the breed. Then there is the shedding. They are the worst shedders I have ever experienced.

Then in 2006, under much pressure from co-workers and friends, we purchased our first adult Beagle, and shortly after had our first litter of Puggles. All healthy, and strong, with no puppy loss. The mothers were wonderful  and loving.

We needed no more convincing, and we’ve been THE place for Puggles ever since.

ALL of my adult dogs are crate trained and come in the house at night and during the day when the weather is unsuitable.  All of our original Beagles of breeding age were purchased as adults from a kennel in Michigan.  Even though they have had little in the house training and socialization, all are very friendly, loving, tolerant dogs.

At the moment, we have one stud, Cookie.

Thanks for checking out our pups.  Give us a call if you have any questions.

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