Shipping a Puggle Puppy

How do breeders ship a Puggle Puppy?

In most cases, we do not cargo ship our puppies.

We do, however, use a couple of other options.  One of which is what we call our VIP shipping, where somebody flies the puppy to an airport near you for a fee ranging from $400 (East Coast) to $550 (West Coast).  The puppy goes as a carry-on, and is always in the care of the person taking them.

Another option is ground shipping, utilizing either a dedicated pet shipper, or somebody who ships larger items and adds pets along the route.

We will drive pups within a certain radius of our home for a fee.  We usually charge about the same as what our VIP shipper would charge to cover expenses and our time.

Some people may choose to pay to fly in themselves to pick up the puppy. That is great, and people can often find round trip tickets from major airports in our area for $300 or so.   In that case you can bring your own travel crate for the pup.  There is almost always a fee for the pup ($100 or so), and a reservation is needed in advance.

If you are coming to the area, please read about things to do in Central Kentucky.

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